Radical Trust

27 May

God’s Word: Acts 20: 17-38

God’s Message to me: (My interpretation of what God is saying in these verses)

A love that lays its life down on the line is radically trustworthy.  bullyHow often do you come across a stranger willing to lay down their life for you?  How often have you laid down your life for a stranger—someone even completely indifferent to you?  Jesus did just that.  He saw beyond your behavior and knew your true value.  That is how I am calling you to treat others.  Everyone has true value to Me and you are My ambassador to demonstrate their value.  They will not know I value them if you devalue them.  The path into My presence will be found by others as your love leads them to Me.

That bully, making your life miserable, is miserable himself.  He needs what only you can give him; acceptance and forgiveness. He won’t know that I love him and can give him peace unless you demonstrate that to him.  Do not even consider how you can retaliate!  Unless of course you want Me to retaliate for each infraction you commit.  Is this too hard to understand?  Your treatment of others is just the same as though you were doing it unto Me.  Trust me!  Trust and obey! Radically trust and obey!

Those who bully others have never experienced real love.  They reject others because they also feel the pain of rejection.  It makes them feel in control when they can inflict the same pain on others that they have received.  Receiving no satisfaction they continue to inflict pain wherever they go.  Your acceptance of them is the path they need to walk down to begin to heal from their own pain of rejection.  It won’t be easy for you but this is where radical trust in My promises comes in.  As Jesus gave Himself for those who abused and bullied Him, I call you to live a life of self-sacrifice on behalf of your abusers.

God’s Question: How will you share My love with your abusers?

God’s Promise: You are the channel for My love to flow through.

My Prayer to God:

I Praise You for your self-sacrificing love.

I am Sorry I am so utterly selfish.

Thank You for allowing me to be a channel for Your love.

Please Help Me willingly lay my life down for others.


What "take-away" did you receive from this blog post?

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