Bottom Line Living

23 May

God’s Word: Acts 19: 21-41

God’s Message to me: (My interpretation of what God is saying in these verses)

Every person who has ever lived has a bottom line. valentine heart shape made by dollars isolated That is the point when they cannot be silent. More often than not, that bottom line involves money.  In today’s passage, Paul’s teaching that there is no such thing as a god made with hands, caused a huge ruckus with some of the silversmiths.  They realized his teaching could put a stop to their very lucrative business of making shrines for the mythological goddess Artemis.  Paul hit their bottom line and they were anything but silent.

When your bottom line is not built on a foundation of truth you’re limited in how to respond.  These silversmiths responded by rounding up those who would be financially affected by Paul’s teaching.  Furious at the thought of losing their source of income they responded by starting a riot.  They ran into the streets shouting “Great Artemis of the Ephesians.” They stirred up the crowds but most of them had no idea what was going on or why they were there shouting.  The silversmiths had done a good job of protecting their bottom line.

The love of money is the root of all evil.  Money’s meant to serve as a fair exchange.  But all too often it’s used to lure people away from what is just and true.  It’s been said that everyone has a price.  That means that the bottom lines based on what you gain or lose by the exchange.  This is the root of evil that tempts mankind.  Into that root grows many other evil roots; jealousy, envy, lying, cheating, and dishonesty.  Instead of following Jesus example of living for others, many too often live for self and care not what happens to others when money is their bottom line.  Christ demonstrated bottom line living.

God’s Question: What would your neighbors say is your bottom line?

God’s Promise: Give and it shall be given unto you.

My Prayer to God:

I Praise You for Christ’s amazing example of how to live.

I am Sorry I let money worry me at all.

Thank You for providing just what we need.

Please Help Me be more concerned for others than myself.


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