The Disagreeable Dilemma

19 May

God’s Word: Acts 18:18-28

God’s Message to me: (My interpretation of what God is saying in these verses)

How do you treat those you disagree with? disagree The worse way possible is practiced by most of the people—being disagreeable and confrontive. In addition, these disagreeable people often began to pick apart the one they disagree with—looking for even more to disagree with.  Jesus followers are not to be disagreeable.  They make every effort to find common ground without giving up any of the teaching of Jesus.  Even if they totally disagree they still must not be disagreeable.  Your goal is to make friends for Jesus—not enemies.

Everyone wants peace in the world but few take it upon themselves to be peacemakers.  They want peace according to their own terms and based on their own beliefs.  In order to have peace with others you must treat all others with respect and kindness—yes, even those you disagree vehemently with.  People cannot help but respond positively to respect and kindness.  There is never a time when it is okay to be disagreeable.  You will certainly disagree but follow Jesus example and pray for forgiveness and understanding on the part of the person you disagree with.  And always realize—you may be in the wrong too.

Many disagreements are based on opinions.  Those opinions are often based upon the rumor mill.  People don’t think about checking up on the “stories” told.  Instead they just add to them and pass them on—if it happens to agree with their position.  That is gossip my friends and is always destructive and to be avoided at all costs by Jesus followers.  In today’s passage with a disagreement was on the horizon, Jesus followers spent time getting to know the man they disagreed with gently helped him understand the rest of the story—the part he was missing.  Go too and do likewise.

God’s Question: How do you handle disagreements?

God’s Promise: A gossip is as bad as a liar.

My Prayer to God:

I Praise You for Jesus’ perfect example.

I am Sorry I have a flair for being disagreeable.

Thank You for reminding me to be kind and patient.

Please Help Me make friends of those I disagree with.


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