How to Pass Time in Jail

9 May

God’s Word: Acts: 16:16-40

God’s Message to me: (My interpretation of what God is saying in these verses)

Have you ever spent time in jail?  Not a very pleasant way to pass the time of dashackledy is it?  Surrounded by others who are unhappy about their “lot in life,” it can be very depressing.  Even in jail you have choices.  You can choose to be despondent and feel angry at those who sent you there.  Or you can choose to spend your time in praise.  That is what Paul and Silas chose to do.  Sentenced falsely because of teaching about Jesus, they were stripped and beaten publicly then thrown into jail with leg irons on and under heavy guard.

Along about midnight, they chose to pray and sing a robust song to God.  The other prisoners couldn’t believe their ears—nor could the guard.  Then, without warning, a huge earthquake struck the jail and it tottered, every door flinging open, and the prisoners were all loose.  The guard was about ready to kill himself, figuring he was as good as dead anyway, when Paul stopped him. “Don’t do that!  We’re all still here!  Nobody’s run away!” The guard collapsed at their feet begging them to tell him what to do to be saved, to really live—like the testimony of their prayers and singing had demonstrated.

You will never be so confined that you lose your freedom of choosing an attitude of gratitude.  You lose gratitude by your own free will.  If Paul and Silas can pray and praise after being falsely accused, beaten publicly, thrown in jail and restrained in leg irons—there is never a day so dark that you cannot choose the same.  Your testimony is always right in your hip pocket and is revealed through all you say, think, or do.  Yes, even in jail you can bring hope to others.

God’s Question: Will you be my ambassador wherever you go?

God’s Promise: My peace is always within your easy reach.

My Prayer to God:

I Praise You for your peace that passes understanding.

I am Sorry I have too often caved under pressure.   

Thank You for providing Your peace within easy reach.

Please Help Me be Your ambassador or peace.


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