Seed of Life

5 May

God’s Word: Acts 15:30-41

God’s Message to me: (My interpretation of what God is saying in these verses)

Planted any gardens lately?  seed of lifeWhat is a garden without seeds? From tiny seeds grow foods to sustain life.  Take care of your seeds for they hold your future inside.  Did you create the seeds?  How are they programmed?  How does the tiny seed know what it is to become, how it is to grow, smell, taste or look?   A seed is really a tiny computer filled with amazing information.  It knows what its assignment is and it knows how it will create more seeds.  In the seed is life!  But where did the life come from.  Your scientists work overtime trying to prove that the seeds just happened to create themselves.

I designed and programmed the seeds to give you life. They have a job to do and do it well, being passed on from generation to generation.  I even provide seeds with means of dispersion naturally.  Look at the great forests that no man ever planted.  But consider how much faster seed dispersion can take place with the help of mankind.  You are the caretaker of the seeds.  Beautiful gardens are created with your careful planning and planting.  It is your job to plant and mine to cause the seed to grow.

My Word—found in the Bible—is the Seed of life eternal. Jesus left you with a mission to plant My Seed of life around the world—everywhere you go. In this passage Paul set out to go check on the “Seeds” they had planted.  Just as you must weed around your planted seeds, so you must care for My Seed that you planted.  Protect it, nourish it, and I will make it flourish. You are the means to the dispersion of My Seed of life eternal.  You wonder why so much evil has sprung up around the world?  You have hoarded My Seed and must live amidst the weeds of evil.  Go forth and plant My Seed of life abundantly.

God’s Question: What Seeds of life will you plant today?

God’s Promise: As you sow, so shall you reap.

My Prayer to God:

I Praise You for Your amazing Seeds of Life.

I am Sorry I have hoarded them way too often.

Thank You for abundant opportunities to plant Seeds.

Please Help Me by Your faithful gardener!


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