What Would You Say?

28 Apr

God’s Word: Acts 13:13-52

God’s Message to me: (My interpretation of what God is saying in these verses)

If invited to speak of your beliefs before a crowd—what would you say?  speakingWould you be able to articulate the beliefs of your heart in a few minutes?  In this passage, Paul, a former persecutor of Christians was invited to speak in the church of that day.  He did what most of you would do.  He stood, paused, took a deep breath then began.  Raised as Jew, he knew the scriptures and all about his Jewish ancestors.  Good idea for speakers.  Establish a common ground with your listeners so their hearts are knit with yours from the beginning.

Paul gradually moved through the years of history affirming what all these people knew.  He built his credibility with the audience by being knowledgeable about their common faith.  Then he moved on to say the promised Savior God was Jesus.  He addressed the audience with terms of endearment and shared that this Jesus was one of their own and came to bring them the salvation they had been longing for.  He shared many facts they already knew about Jesus.

Paul explained how the resurrected Christ provided forgiveness of sins, something the Old Law was not capable of.  Under the Old Law they must make restitution for their sins by the sacrifices of animals.  But Jesus sacrificed Himself so all who come to Him can receive forgiveness—and sacrifices are no longer necessary.  Paul affirmed, this Jesus was the promised Messiah.  But traditions die hard.  Scorning My offer of forgiveness through Jesus sacrifice, they forced Paul to leave town, and they are still waiting for their prince in shining armor. Paul left town knowing he had done what he could, as a faithful witness to his knowledge of Christ.  He shrugged his shoulders and traveled on, brimming with joy because he had successfully delivered My message.

God’s Question: What is stopping you from sharing My message?

God’s Promise: Success, in My book, is a faithful messenger.

My Prayer to God:

I Praise You for Paul’s boldness to speak Your truth.

I am Sorry I too often keep quiet about Your message.

Thank You for Paul’s life that inspires me to speak up.

Please Help Me be faithful by offering Your message to others.


What "take-away" did you receive from this blog post?

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