Cheating People Out of God

25 Apr

God’s Word: Acts 13:1-12

God’s Message to me: (My interpretation of what God is saying in these verses)

Vast is the array of schemes to deceive people into believing lies. DarwinSo many lies require a person to set aside all common sense.  People make up their minds, based on lies, and fight to the death for their cause.  It is hard to get to the truth most of the time.  Who can you believe?  My best advice is to go back to the beginning.  How did the world come into being?  Use your common sense!  Look around you at the world.  Look inside to your amazing body.  Those who claim it all came as a result of time and chance are trying to “cheat people out of God.”

Design demands a designer.  You would not deny that a watch or a cathedral had a designer.  Yet they are inanimate objects.  The world is made up of living breathing organisms that all work together for the good of the whole.  That is–all those that are driven by instinct.  Only mankind did I give freewill to make choices in life.  Adam and Eve got the ball rolling by making a bad choice, and then all of humanity has followed quite willingly in their footsteps.

To deny that I exist is at attempt at taking control. Is that not what choice Adam and Eve made in the beginning?  In the animal kingdom they all know their roles and go about them diligently.  But humanity is always striving to be king of the mountain.  In order to do that they know they must dethrone Me.  They attempted to do that by claiming molecules to man evolution.  If there is no God then they are free to do as they choose—caring not about other humans or the world they live in.  To try and cheat people out of God is to cut off the very hand that feeds you.  You gain nothing and lose everything—and so do I!

God’s Question: Been climbing any mountains lately?

God’s Promise: The very seasons declare My love for you.

My Prayer to God:

I Praise You for showing Yourself through Your creation.

I am Sorry some try to cheat others out of You.

Thank You for the evidence of You all around me.

Please Help Me testify to others of Your existence.


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