Nothing is Impossible

23 Apr

God’s Word: Acts 12:1-19

God’s Message to me: (My interpretation of what God is saying in these verses)

What brick wall are you up against?  brick wallRead this passage and see what I am able to do when My people are in a tight spot.  There is no spot so tight that I am unable to squeeze you out of it.  No prison so secure that I cannot set you free.  But hold on a minute here.  I can see that you are already imagining just what I am going to do for you.  You must remember that I have a very different vantage point than you.  While you live on earth, living out the lower story, I can see your whole life, from beginning to end, from My upper story vantage point.

What you think might be the “perfect solution” to your troubles may not be.  Tell me your troubles and trust me for the outcome.  Be faithful in what you are able to do, but do NOT worry about what you have no control over.   You may rest in peace knowing that it is all under My control.  Remember that life isn’t all about living.  Make every breath you take count by blessing others with your words.  When you worry about your life you do damage to your very life.  Anxiety kills brain cells.  That is why I tell you over and over “do not fret,” or “do not be anxious.”  It is such a waste of your breath—your very life.

My antidote to anxiety and stress is turning your anxious thought into thankful thoughts.  Drain the thankful bank of every last thought and you will find that in so draining it has actually refilled.  The more you express thankfulness, even in the midst of heavy troubles, the lighter your burden becomes.  Every cause to worry is a call to prayer.  Do you worry a lot?  Pray with a thankful heart a lot!  Too often you ignore all the good things you have and stress over what you do not have.  Nothing is impossible for Me but you must release your troubles to me.

God’s Question: Is anxiety increasing your troubles?

God’s Promise: Relax—breathe—I’ve got it all under control.

My Prayer to God:

I Praise You for the amazing antidote of resting in You.

I am Sorry I have ever wasted one brain cell fretting.

Thank You for giving me great peace in life’s storms.

Please Help Me be Your ambassador of peace.


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