How to Grab God’s Attention

18 Apr

God’s Word: Acts 10:1-23

God’s Message to me: (My interpretation of what God is saying in these verses)

Everyone wants to be valued.  AttentionEveryone wants to make a difference because they lived.  Because they aren’t sure how to go about this they run about in various directions doing what it takes to get attention.  There is a big difference in being valued and getting attention.  But some are so desperate for attention they don’t care what it takes to get there.  Thus evil flourishes because it draws attention—it “makes the news.”  Getting attention replaces the real need for being valued, for making a difference.

When evil is spotlighted as “news-worthy” more are drawn to evil deeds.  The downward spiral begins with what draws attention.  In this passage My attention was drawn when I saw a thoroughly good man who led all in his house to worship Me, was always helping those in need, and was faithful in prayer. I could see his heart for fully devoted to Me and so I took steps to help him find the path to life more clearly.  I called upon Peter to be the one to share with this good man about Jesus.  Though it was out of his comfort zone, Peter was willing.

Examine your motives for getting attention. The world seeks to elevate self in order to feel important.  My people seek to elevate others and in so doing—are elevating Me.  Getting attention in this world is so short-lived.  Grabbing My attention lasts for eternity.  My heart is touched when I find those who their neighbors consider a thoroughly good person.  This good person leads their family to know Me and make Me known to others.  They are always helping those in need and faithfully spend time in prayer.   Forget grabbing the world’s attention and focus on living that will outlast your lifetime.

God’s Question: What are you doing to grab My attention?

God’s Promise:  No loving deed goes unnoticed by Me.

My Prayer to God:

I Praise You for Your mercy and grace.

I am Sorry I don’t focus more on others needs.

Thank You for reminding me to care for others.

Please Help Me live this day to make You known to others.


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