The Gift Impossible to Buy

11 Apr

God’s Word: Acts 8:1-25

God’s Message to me: (My interpretation of what God is saying in these verses)

It has been said that everyone has a price. moneyIf you can’t buy what you want you just increase the amount you are willing to pay.  This passage shares a gift that is impossible to buy.  Here is how it came about.  Following Stephen’s death by stoning, the believers were scattered due to terrific persecution.  But they didn’t desert their faith in Jesus.  No, wherever they went they became missionaries, sharing the message of salvation through Jesus.  They were empowered to perform signs, miracles, and heal the sick.

Wherever the believers went, people flocked to hear the message of Christ Jesus, drawn by the miracles.  Yes, some surely came for the miracles and ignored the message.  That is because I gave mankind the gift of free will.  I do not force Myself on you.  A magician was one of those who heard the message, saw the miracles and was fascinated.  He hung around constantly, finally offering Phillip, the one speaking, any amount of money he desired if he would “sell” him the secret to his magical power.  Phillip informed the magician that the gift of God isn’t up for sale and no one can ever buy their way into God’s kingdom.

Yes, it is impossible to buy your way to heaven.  I don’t need or want your money.  Salvation, forgiveness of sins, has already been paid for by the sacrificial death of Christ.  You don’t have to pay Me or work for this gift.  It is free!  It is given to all who believe in the message Jesus brought to the world.  In the believing there is a transformation that happens in your heart. It turns you from being self-focused, and self-serving into focusing and serving Jesus through what you do for others.  Your happiness comes from following Jesus example and sharing the gift of salvation you have been freely given.

God’s Question: Who have you asked “How can I help you?”

God’s Promise: As you do unto the least, you do unto Me.

My Prayer to God:

I Praise You for Your wonderful gift of salvation.

I am Sorry I am not shouting it from the roof-tops.

Thank You for loving me just like I am.  

Please Help Me live to make You known to my world.


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