Be Careful who you Trifle With

7 Apr

God’s Word: Acts 5:1-11

God’s Message to me: (My interpretation of what God is saying in these verses)

Give what you give and keep what you keep—but don’t lie about it.  deceptionThere is a fine line between complete honesty and deception.  What you say might be honest—but what you don’t say shows the deception.  In this passage a couple sold a piece of property, in order to share with others.  They decided to keep a portion for themselves but when they went to give the rest to the Apostles, to use for the poor, they said “here is the money we received from the sale of our property.”  They wanted the praise for giving all the money from their sale.  Peter, using My guidance, knew the amount wasn’t the full amount and that their pride was showing.  To show how important it is to be honest with God, both the man and his wife fell down dead.  Do not trifle with God.

The man and wife were completely free to give or keep as much of the money as they chose.   It was their property and their money.  But lying to God, for the sake of pride, is such a travesty I could not allow this to slip under the wire unnoticed.  Now I certainly don’t go around striking everyone dead who tells a lie.  If I did, the world would be very sparsely populated.  The example in this passage is to show my definition of honesty and humility—and to call you to step up to My level of complete honesty.

Complete honesty is a high calling and few there are who answer My call.  Children must be taught the importance of such honesty from a very early age.  The consequences of not being truthful should be memorable so they will not want to repeat the dishonesty.  If it is allowed to begin it childhood it will be continued throughout life.  When pride raises its head—dishonesty is not far behind.  Nip it in the bud when children are young and you will do them a lifetime favor.

God’s Question: Any buds of dishonesty you need to nip off yourself?

God’s Promise: To lie to another is to lie to me!

My Prayer to God:

I Praise You for Your teaching about these things that really matter.

I am Sorry I have allowed pride to creep into my life.

Thank You for helping me recognize pride as sin.

Please Help Me honor You by being totally honest.


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