Give What You Got!

1 Apr

God’s Word: Acts 3:1-11

God’s Message to me: (My interpretation of what God is saying in these verses)

I don’t ask you to give a lot—just to give what you got! give what you got Never feel bad for what you don’t have to share.  No one expects that.  My challenge is to consider what you do have to give.  In this passage Peter and John were stopped by a crippled beggar, asking for a handout. Peter didn’t have a nickel to his name but willingly shared what he had been entrusted with—Jesus power to heal. Peter reached out to the beggar, took his hand, said “In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, walk,” and pulled the man to his feet.  The healing was instantaneous.  .

The crippled man asked for some coins but Peter gave him what he really needed—complete healing.   As you go through life you will have many requests from others.  You won’t be able to always give them what they think they need but you can give them something that perhaps they need even more.  Perhaps a friendly word, some of your time, a word of encouragement, a sharing of some skill you have, or a referral to someone else who may be able to help them better.  Of course you will use your common sense in dealing with the needs of others.  Their need may result from foolishness, or bad choices.  You are not responsible to rescue them in every case.

Do not look the other way when you see a need surface.  But don’t be too eager to jump right in and do just what you are asked.  Spend the time to examine the situation.  Do not simply turn away thinking that you don’t have time and surely someone else will do something.  I must remind you that as you treat others, all others, it is the same as though you were doing this to Me.  I do not expect you to fill every request that comes you way but I do expect you to give what you got.

God’s Question: Will you respond to needs as unto Me?

God’s Promise: Not all perceived needs are really needed.

My Prayer to God:

I Praise You for this reminder to care for others as unto You.

I am Sorry I have not always done this.

Thank You for opening my eyes to needs around me.

Please Help Me to willingly “give what I’ve got” to others.


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