Drawing Straws

28 Mar

God’s Word: Acts 1:12-26

God’s Message to me: (My interpretation of what God is saying in these verses)

How will you know My will concerning your life? Drawing strawsIn this passage the disciples of Jesus gathered in Jerusalem, as Jesus had told them to do.  While they were waiting they agreed together that they were “in this for good,” and prayed together, the women included.  Then they took care of business and chose a replacement for Judas, one of the twelve who had betrayed Jesus.  Their method to determine My will was—step one–choose a man who had been with Jesus’ followers from the time of Jesus baptism up to witnessing Jesus’ resurrection.

Step two was to nominate men who fit this criterion.  Two were found. Step three was prayer asking Me to choose between these two, one man to take Judas place as an Apostle.  Step four was draw straws and Matthias was chosen for the position.   Does this mean you are to determine My will in matters by drawing straws?  Think about it!  For the most part you will discover My will by reading My Word.  You do not have to draw straws to determine if you should steal your neighbor’s chickens.  You do not need to draw straws to determine if you should cheat on your taxes.  You know My will in most choices.

Are you faced with a choice as the Apostles were facing? Step one would be prayerfully choose your direction based on wisdom gleaned from My Word.  Step two would to be to make a choice between all the options that fit in these criteria.  Step three would be to prayerfully ask Me to help you make a wise choice.  At times this is all the farther you need to go.  But if you have carefully followed these three steps and still feel you need more direction from Me, then you may draw straws. My best for you could be either choice.  Trust Me and continue on!

God’s Question: How are you making everyday choices?

God’s Promise: My Word will guide most of your choices.

My Prayer to God:

I Praise You for Your Word that guides us so well.

I am Sorry I too often act without consulting You.  

Thank You that Your kindness overpowers my foolishness.

Please Help Me consult You more often when making choices.


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