Get in on the Action

27 Mar

God’s Word: Acts: 1:1-11

God’s Message to me: (My interpretation of what God is saying in these verses)

In these verses Jesus gives his final action instructions. blazing a trail After having spent 40 days with his apostles, after His resurrection, it is now time to return to heaven.  Before leaving He reminds them that just because He will no longer be bodily present with them, the action will continue, through them.  His Holy Spirit will empower all believers and blaze a trail that will ignite the fire of belief in others—even to the ends of the world.

And you who believe today are part of the action that will continue until Jesus returns to rescue believers.  You must keep blazing the trail for others to show them the path of salvation.  It is not enough to be a spectator and even admirer of Jesus.  Rescued people are devoted to rescuing others.  You see it in your world in support groups–in various types of groups where people share a common bond and want to help one another be victorious in their endeavors.  That is great and I applaud them—but success in life is temporary at best—because life will soon be over.  Then what?

Examine your goal in life?  My followers are not merely admirers of Jesus but passionate to sharing the good news of His offer of salvation to the ends of the earth.  And it begins to those whose lives you touch every single day.  First they learn to love you, because you emulate the traits you learned from Jesus, and then they learn to love Jesus themselves.  Love is the flame that blazes the trail for others to come to Jesus.  My Holy Spirit ignites in your life when you show love with mercy to fellow human beings.  My supernatural power is alive in you when you devote yourself to loving others on My behalf.

God’s Question: Who can I touch today through your love expressed?

God’s Promise: My power is perfected in acts of unselfish love.

My Prayer to God:

I Praise You for Jesus unselfish love for humanity.

I am Sorry I don’t express that king of love often enough.

Thank You for Your Holy Spirit that leads me.

Please Help Me blaze your trail through loving deeds for others.


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