Cup of Anguish

13 Mar

God’s Word: Luke 22:39-53

God’s Message to me: (My interpretation of what God is saying in these verses)

No one gets through life without a cup of anguish to drink. jesus anguish Jesus set the example as to how to forge through.  Knowing full well that the time of his death was approaching—he went to his favorite spot of prayer—the Mount of Olives.  Agonizing in prayer over what was ahead; his sweat was as drop of blood from his forehead.  Even in this agony He prayed a prayer of submission to what was ahead.  He knew the salvation of mankind was dependent upon his death and then subsequent resurrection.  His living and His dying were examples to us of how to give yourself on behalf of others.

Few are willing to drink the cup of anguish on behalf of another.   Oh you may do it for those who are near and dear to you but for a stranger—or an enemy?  Jesus dying prayer was for forgiveness of the ones who put him on the cross.  That was drinking the cup of anguish instead of lashing out at others.  Can you see what a different world this would be if mankind would only follow in Jesus’ footsteps?  Each one caring for the others, with no regards as to what they receive for themselves.  That is Godly love—the kind Jesus lived and died with.

What is the cup of anguish that is facing you?   Follow Jesus example and go your favorite place of prayer and pour out your heart. Pray as Jesus prayed, a prayer of submission, not telling Me what to do.  Don’t think you know the best solution and tell me to do just that. You forget that I can see the situation from a totally different vantage point and know what is best—and it isn’t always what you are telling Me.  When facing a cup of anguish, and coming to Me in prayer, just ask for My presence, wisdom and peace to help you swallow what is ahead.

God’s Question: Will you trust Me to help you through the anguish?

God’s Promise: Through clouds of gloom I will bring a sunrise.

My Prayer to God:

I Praise You for Jesus example in prayer and in submission.

I am Sorry for struggling to submit to You.

Thank You for your ever-ready presence of comfort.

Please help me willingly endure anguish for others.


One Response to “Cup of Anguish”

  1. Gloria Eyman March 13, 2014 at 3:39 pm #

    I have only read a few of your devotions, but I have been blessed. I think these would publish nicely as Ellen’s Little Visits with God–a daily devotional. It would be something I would buy to lead me in my thoughts during my quiet times. God has blessed you with words.


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