Extravagant Givers

6 Mar

God’s Word: Luke 21:1-4

God’s Message to me: (My interpretation of what God is saying in these verses)

There are two kinds of extravagant givers.  Uncle scroogeSome make sure to draw attention to themselves and what they are giving.  It is nearly like a fashion show.  Others give, from a humble heart, what they can’t really afford to give.  At times, they are nearly ashamed to give, the amount is so small.  You must remember that you aren’t giving to “earn” some sort of points in My book.  Your giving reflects your gratefulness for what you have been given.  Jesus died to “give” you life eternal—forgiveness of sin. He was an extravagant giver.  Are you?

In this passage, a widow put two coins in the offering, all that she had.  Yet Jesus said she had given more than the rich people.  You see—when you give, I already know how much you are keeping.  It’s no secret to me.  What you give isn’t important.  What you keep for yourself is the real issue.  Whether you give out of your abundance or you give your all—the real issue is a matter of the heart.  The poor widow went away blessed beyond measure and found a way to make things stretch.  The rich givers went away to celebrate with a rich meal, patting themselves on the back for what they had given.

What you give you keep forever.  What you keep is forever lost.  No, it doesn’t make earthly sense but it does make heavenly sense.  In giving you are storing up treasure in heaven that can never be destroyed because of a failed economy.  A heart that holds onto earthly treasure is in a constant worry of losing what they have fought to keep.  A heart that gives, because of gratefulness and compassion, is free and at peace. The choice is yours—in giving to others you give your heart a break.  When you keep for yourself, you tighten the pressures on your heart.

God’s Question: What motivates your giving?

God’s Promise: I repay 100 fold the humble giver.

My Prayer to God:

I Praise You for what Jesus gave so I might live.

I am Sorry I am not more open-handed with others.

Thank You that in giving to others I can give to You.

Please help me more willingly give my all.


What "take-away" did you receive from this blog post?

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