Love Letters

5 Mar

God’s Word: Luke 20:27-47

God’s Message to me: (My interpretation of what God is saying in these verses

What is your major preoccupation there on earth?  love letterWhat is your purpose for living?  What pleasures are you seeking?  What passions are you chasing?  They will all come to an abrupt end one day.  Too often you live as though this life was forever.  It isn’t.  It is brief!  My best advice is for you to consider what preoccupies your time.  The way you spend your time (which is your life) demonstrates your purpose for living.  Is your time spent seeking pleasures without end?  Do you have a passion that consumes your thoughts and time?  Not that these things are bad but that they are a demonstration of what you value most.

What do you value most?  You don’t have to look outside yourself or your immediate surrounds to “discover” this.  What you spend most of your time doing is what you value most.  Is that time spent to benefit yourself?  Have you any time for Jesus—He who gave His life for yours.  How can you give Jesus time?  Just as you would with any friend–you take time and make time to be together.  As you read My Word you will find that Jesus is the expression of My Love to the world.  Jesus is My love letter to you.  

Love letters are full of concern for the loved one.  That is the essence of love—concern for the wellbeing of another person without regard for what you receive for yourself.  He endured death, a very painful one at that, so that you can receive His gift of life—eternal.  While on earth you are preoccupied about many things.  Let Me encourage you to take time for My love letters—the Bible.  You will find in My letters that not only will you come to know of My love for you but you will long to share that same kind of love with others.  Let that be your purpose, your passion, your pleasure—giving to others. 

 God’s Question: Who will benefit from you reading My love letters?

God’s Promise: Nothing can separate you from My love.

My Prayer to God:

I Praise You for your unselfish and kind love for me.

I am Sorry I do not offer this same kind of love often enough.

Thank You for Your love letters that teach me how to love.

Please help me be preoccupied with loving others for Your sake. 


What "take-away" did you receive from this blog post?

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