When Grief-givers Come

28 Feb

God’s Word: Luke 20:1-8

God’s Message to me: (My interpretation of what God is saying in these verses

Know this–when you are doing your best to follow My Word there will be those looking to accuse.  accuseQuite often their motive is to make themselves look more righteous.  If you are working hard to help others understand My Word, hard as it is to believe, some others will be jealous that others are listening to you.  Jesus went down that path before you.  Religious leaders gave Him more grief than the ungodly.  They were unable to listen to His message for they were so concerned that they were losing their position as “the religious leaders.”

As My followers you will have grief.  More often than not, it may even come from fellow believers.  Why is that you ask?  Because, there is a little of the jealous, self-righteous spirit in everyone.  You can only look at a situation from your own vantage point.  You can’t see into the brain of the other—like Jesus did. That is why My Word proclaims the message of forgiveness, grace and mercy over and over.  You want it from Me!  Give it to others!  If you want My unconditional love then you must also give it.  There is no other way!

Follow Jesus’ example for dealing with grief.  Turn the other cheek and while it is turned—pray for the grief-giver—for their forgiveness and understanding.  How many times should you do this?  Don’t even bother to count.  You may have to do as Jesus did in some situations—He left the area to put some distance between Him and the grief-givers.  He could have called down fire and brimstone on the heads of those who gave Him grief.  His overarching goal, in all situations, was to redeem, not destroy.  When challenges come and bring you grief—follow the example of Jesus—pray for the grief-giver and then turn away.

God’s Question: Have you been praying for your grief-giver?

God’s Promise: Not every grief-giver will respond to redemption, but we must never give up, as Jesus never gave up, even to death.

My Prayer to God:

I Praise You for Jesus’ willingness to endure grief on my behalf.

I am Sorry I run from grief instead of seek to redeem it.

Thank You for Jesus’ perfect example of dealing with grief.

Please help me follow Jesus’ example of redemption.


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