Foundational Honesty

11 Feb

God’s Word: Luke 16:10-18

God’s Message to me: (My interpretation of what God is saying in these verses)

Everyone starts life on the same playing field—as a baby.  childParents are charged with training the child to be honest and care about others.  They mostly do that by their example.  It is a tragedy when a parent is dishonest and trains their children to be like them.  You see, you cannot be one thing and train your children to be another.  The inner-core of a child is set by the parent’s behavior.  Parenting is not to be taken lightly.  This child isn’t a toy but a soul that must be guarded and trained to be honest and the easiest way to do that is to first live by and then teach them to follow My Word.

When the child is very young instill in them the value of honesty.  Reward that value.  Uphold that value.  Live that value.  As they show honesty in small matters you can trust them in bigger things.  If a person can’t be trusted with something simple they can never be trusted in a more challenging matter.  The child’s future success in life depends upon their early training in honesty.  They desperately need to see their parents display honesty in every small matter.

When My Word is respected in the home, the family life is molded after honesty.  Don’t let anything else replace that basic foundation.  The tempter will entice you with untold amounts of things to cause you to compromise your inner-core of honesty.  Once you cave in even a small thing—you are on a downward spiral—and so is your family.  Many people are lured to dishonesty by the “get something for nothing” temptation.  You must refuse to cave and let Me help you stand strong—for the sake of your family, your community, the world.

God’s Question: Would you be happy if I was as honest with you as you are with all others?

God’s Promise: It is impossible for Me to be dishonest!

My Prayer to God:

I Praise You that I can depend upon Your Word as TRUTH.

I am Sorry I don’t always do what I know is the best choice.

Thank You for Your presence that is always there for me.

Please help me treat others honestly as though it was You I was dealing with—for it really is.


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