When Heaven Rejoices

29 Jan

God’s Word: Luke 15:1-7

God’s Message to me: (My interpretation of what God is saying in these verses)

All heaven rejoices when one so-called “disreputable” person accepts My offer of salvation. heaven rejoicesUnfortunately, My followers too often shun these people and scorn those who reach out to them.  Friends—do you not get it??  Jesus died to ALL would come to repentance and thus salvation.  There is more JOY in heaven over one who repents and turns to Jesus than over 99 good folks that aren’t in need of rescue.  What, for heaven’s sake, are you doing to reach out to these folks?

Jesus was growled at because He chose those of a doubtful reputation to share a meal with.  Not only did He share a meal but He treated them like old friends.  Do you not realize the part that acceptance plays in your role as My ambassadors?  The playing field is all level in My sight.  No one is “better” than another.  All have sinned and fallen short of My goal of perfection—yes, you too.  Don’t you remember?  Jesus death made up for your imperfection—just as well as those of a doubtful reputation.

Why are most of those with a doubtful reputation in that state?  Three possible reasons!

One—no one has shared the good news of Jesus redemption—perhaps didn’t want to rub shoulders with the likes of them.

Two—they have rejected the good news flat-out and chosen sin instead.

Three—they have rejected the good news because the one who delivered the good news did so with a condescending attitude.

Let it be the goal of your life to treat all others as equals and share the good news of Jesus and redemption in a way that all heaven rejoices!

God’s Question: What part of “whosoever will” don’t you get?

God’s Promise: I am with those who serve as my hands and feet.

My Prayer to God:

I Praise You for Your loving compassion toward all.

I am Sorry I don’t always show that same compassion.

Thank You for this call to reach out to all others.

Please help me see beyond the outer shell to the inner heart.


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