God’s Guest List?

23 Jan

God’s Message to me: (My interpretation of what God is saying in these verses)

Jesus extended the invitation to “whosoever will” may come.  guest listYes, you are all invited and on My guest list to the great salvation banquet when time ends and eternity begins.  Your participation depends upon your will and your coming to Jesus—the giver of salvation.  The invitation is inscribed in the Bible.  It is your key to entrance at the banquet.  Reading the Bible is key to “coming.”  As you read, your spirit interacts with My Spirit and you are given understanding, peace and joy unspeakable.  It is this “coming” to Me where you accept the invitation and begin preparing for that great day.

“Coming” to me is not simply attending church faithfully. Once you catch My Spirit, through My Word, you will be drawn with a vigorous desire that calls for your total attention.  You will desire to filter your life through My Word and follow My leading.  Those who look to My Word for loopholes are scratching their names off My guest list, as are those who totally ignore My Word.  I provided you with My Word as the means for you and Me to communicate on a spiritual level.  To ignore My Word is to ignore Me and cut yourself off My guest list.

Yes, you are invited to My salvation banquet.  And not only you, but all those your life comes in contact with.  You are My ambassador of good will, sharing the invitation with “whosoever will come.”  Sharing this invitation is not something you do occasionally or when you get around to it.  It is shared by the way you live—differently than the world.  You share it as you forgive others, encourage them, are patient, kind, understanding, etc.  My ambassadors reproduce themselves as they march to the beat of My drum of loving concern for others.

God’s Question: Are you responding to My invitation?

God’s Promise: You gain everything by responding to My invite.

My Prayer to God:

I Praise You for your willingness to forgive my sins.

I am Sorry I am not more focused on daily living for You.

Thank You for Your Word that keeps me focused on You.

Please help me be Your faithful ambassador of love and mercy.


What "take-away" did you receive from this blog post?

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