It Pays to Show up for Church

22 Jan

God’s Word: Luke 13:10-17

God’s Message to me: (My interpretation of what God is saying in these verses)

In this passage, a woman crippled with arthritis was in the audience when Jesus was teaching on a Sabbath. Elderly-bent-womanShe was so twisted and bent over that she couldn’t even look up.  For eighteen years she had lived like this.  In her painful condition, she still made it a point to show up for church.  Regardless of the pain—she was faithful.  When Jesus saw her He called her over and said “WOMAN, YOU’RE FREE!”  As He laid hands on her suddenly she was able to stand straight and tall, and gave glory to God.

Can you imagine the impact this had on the woman’s life?  She became one of my most faithful Ambassadors.  Wherever she went she told the story of Jesus healing her.  Don’t you suppose she planted many seeds of belief in those who heard her story?  Don’t you suppose she was forever inviting her friends to attend church with her?  What will it take to get you on fire like this lady?  Is it only those who have a miraculous healing that become My ambassadors?  Healing of the body is so minor compared to the healing of the soul and being set free from the wages of sin.  That is the best freedom of all.

You say you can “worship God” in nature or wherever you are.  I am glad you do occasionally turn your thoughts toward Me.  But attending church isn’t something you do for Me, but for you.  You go to the doctor regularly to keep your body healthy.  You go to church to keep your soul healthy.  Every time the church gathers is an upgrade for the soul.  It is good to be a good steward of your health but it is even more important to be a good steward of your soul.  The body will die but the soul is immortal.   The dividends that are paid for showing up for church and putting My Word into practice are out of this world.

God’s Question: Will you give yourself a “soul check” up at church?

God’s Promise: When you gather in My Name—I am there.

My Prayer to God:

I Praise You for your wonderful healing salvation.

I am Sorry I take so much for granted.

Thank You for those who shared Jesus with me.

Please help me be on fire for your kingdom and cause.


What "take-away" did you receive from this blog post?

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