When the Cats Away. . .

17 Jan

God’s Word: Luke 12:35-48

God’s Message to me: (My interpretation of what God is saying in these verses)

Is your behavior different when the boss is watching or when he is on vacation?  cats awayJesus’ example showed you the importance of honor and trustworthiness.  The world recognizes the truth in the saying “When the cats away the mice will play.”  My people, My ambassadors live openly and honestly even when no one is watching.  When tempted to reduce your productivity when the boss is away but I will give you the strength to overcome that temptation.  Do you call yourself a Christian?  Then you walk to the beat of a higher calling.  There is no room for dishonesty in the life of a Christian.

You set the example for the other “mice.”  They will entice you and tease you and perhaps even make you miserable for not joining in their escapades when the “cat” is away.  You are not “performing” to please the boss but to please Me.  And I am never away on vacation.  You would not want me to take a vacation from providing you with oxygen, sunlight, gravity, etc.  In the same way, you should never take a vacation from Me—thinking I have turned away from your keeping.

Yes, I even take how you treat your earthly boss “personally.”  To be dishonest with your boss is to be dishonest with Me.  To pilfer items from the job site is to pilfer from Me. A person who is trustworthy at all times is the kind of employees all bosses are looking for.  I am here to help you be that trustworthy person.  When tempted to play with the rest of the “mice,” turn to me for strength to stay honest.  You must never lose sight of the fact that this is the same situation for when Jesus returns to earth for the final judgment.  Will you be faithfully living to please Him or serving your own self interests?

God’s Question: Can I count on you to live an honest life?

God’s Promise: My watchful care never takes a vacation.

My Prayer to God:

I Praise You for being my source of strength in temptations.

I am Sorry I have not always asked for Your help when tempted.

Thank You that You are always available when I call.

Please help me live openly and honestly before others and You.


What "take-away" did you receive from this blog post?

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