Define Neighbor?

13 Dec

God’s Word: Luke 10:25-37

God’s Message to me: (My interpretation of what God is saying in these verses)

How you define neighbor determines your eternal destiny.  neighborIn this passage Jesus was asked by a religious scholar to define the scripture, “love your neighbor as well as you love yourself.”  Because he knew a story was worth a thousand words, he told a story to define neighbor.  As a certain religious man was traveling he was attacked by robbers, beaten and stripped.  A religious leader came down that road but instead of helping, he walked on the other side.  Next another religious leader came along, but he too avoided the injured man.  Finally, someone stopped to help the injured man.  But wonder of wonders, this man was an enemy of the injured man.  Instead of rejoicing in the fate of his enemy, his heart went out to him.  He gave him first-aid, put him on his donkey and took him to an Inn.  There he even paid for his care.

Jesus then asked which of the three became a neighbor to the injured man.  The obvious answer was the one who treated him kindly.  Jesus replied, “Go and do the same!”   This story demonstrates what many refuse to put into practice.  All of humanity are your neighbors.  When you see another in need and refuse to offer assistance, it is the same as refusing Jesus help.  It matters not whether the man is a friend, an enemy, another nationality, or religion.

Whatever you do for another human being, whether good or ill, Jesus accepts your actions personally.  You cannot love Jesus and treat your fellow human being with unconcern.  How you treat others shows your love for Jesus—or lack thereof.  He loves your enemy as much as He loves you.  How do you hope for your enemy to treat you?  Then you grab the initiative and treat your enemies just like that.    Your neighbor is any who are in your path of life with a need.

God’s Question: Will you be My ambassador to those in need?

God’s Promise:  Helping another in need is helping Me.

My Prayer to God:

I Praise You for the opportunities we have to minister as unto You.

I am Sorry for bypassing way too many opportunities.

Thank You for revealing these truths in Your Word.

Please help me be my neighbor’s keeper.


What "take-away" did you receive from this blog post?

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