When Demons Dance

12 Dec

God’s Word:  Luke 10:1-24

God’s Message to me: (My interpretation of what God is saying in these verses)

Yes, you can make the demons dance to Christ’s tune.  How? making demons dance It can’t be done using your own strength and ingenuity.  It can only be done by starting with prayer.  It cannot be done through human ability but by My authority and presence with you.  Making demons dance isn’t something you can do for me but only what I can do through you.   It starts with prayer but there is much more to it.  You must realize it is a war zone and you are like lambs amidst a wolf pack.  Evil is ravenous to consume good.

It doesn’t require a whole suitcase of arsenal—travel light.  The main ingredient to success is simply you, bathed in prayer and stepping out in faith to share the good news of Jesus sacrifice on behalf of humanity.  Put your best foot forward.  Greet and be genuinely interested in others.  As you develop relationships share the reason for the hope that is in you—salvation through Christ.  Do not be discouraged when some scorn and reject you.  Simply walk away and move on—never forgetting your mission.

Faithfulness is the key.  To keep on keeping on, in the midst of torment and persecution, to find those who will listen, you won’t be disappointed.  Do not go around condemning—that wins no friends.  Instead, reach out in tenderness and compassion, not being a respecter of persons. No one cares how much you know but they are eager to know how much you care.  As My ambassador, show them My love and care and as they accept you, they accept Me.  That is the secret to making the demons dance to Christ’s tune.

God’s Question: Will you faithfully serve as My ambassador of love?

God’s Promise: My power and authority flow through My Ambassadors.

My Prayer to God:

I Praise You for allowing us to serve others as unto You.

I am Sorry I get discouraged and fearful too easy.

Thank You for giving me the desire to be Your Ambassador.

Please help me be Your faithful followers and obey Your Word.


What "take-away" did you receive from this blog post?

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