You Feed Them

5 Dec

God’s Word: Luke 9:12-17

God’s Message to me: (My interpretation of what God is saying in these verses)

Don’t lose faith when your food supply is running low.  25 Mother Theresa quoteThat isn’t the time to hoard but to freely share.  What??? Yes, you heard me right.  That is the lesson this passage is trying to get across.  The Disciples had one solution for the food crisis and Jesus had quite another.  You may think your solutions are the “logical” way to go but think again.  When your first thought is your own needs you tend to take what you need and then share the leftovers.  My way is to share, not caring about what you think you need.

What is impossible with man is altogether possible with Me.  The point of all this is to help you learn how to look at a situation from My vantage point.  Your vantage is often not Mine.  You are so absorbed with your own wants and needs that you are unable to see from My vantage.  If everyone shared from My vantage there would be no hunger in the world.  While some go without basic needs, others live in the lap of luxury—caring only for their own concerns.  My idea is not to TAKE from those who have and GIVE to those who have not.  My idea is for you to willingly share so there is no want.

So, how do you know when I am calling you to share?  When you hear of a need that you could meet by curtailing some of your own needs or wants—step out and do it.  I am doubly touched when you curtail your own needs to give to others.  Like the widow who gave her last coins, that is the kind of giving that counts with Me.  Anyone can give of their excess.  But giving when it hurts personally—that is the challenge. Most people have never even experienced this.  There is a deep satisfaction and blessing in giving when it hurts that cannot be experienced any other way.  Trust Me and give!

God’s Question: Are you spending or investing in My Kingdom?

God’s Promise: When you give until it hurts—it won’t.

My Prayer to God:

I Praise You for Your plan to deal with world hunger.

I am Sorry I have too often hoped someone else would give.

Thank You for reminding me to give until it hurts.

Please help me not hide from others needs but HELP!


What "take-away" did you receive from this blog post?

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