Worthless Opinion Polls

26 Nov

God’s Word: Luke 7:18-35

God’s Message to me: (My interpretation of what God is saying in these verses)

Facts are facts and opinion polls can’t change that.  19 objectivityTruth isn’t subjective—based on how you perceive it.  It is objective—the facts are right there.  My Word lays out the facts.  They provide you with a stable foundation.  It is the true north for you to keep your life on target.  All that, and a by-product is peace, deep peace that passes understanding.  Peace in your soul is better than peace on the earth.  No opinion poll can change that.

Jesus came to earth as My exact representative.  His power came directly from Me.  At His touch—His Word, the blind saw, the lame walked, lepers were cleansed, the deaf heard, the dead were raised and the wretched of the earth were offered My salvation hospitality.  Jesus was not just another prophet!  I visited planet earth through Jesus.  As you perceive Jesus—you perceive Me.  No opinion poll can change these facts.  Jesus came to earth with a message to deliver and then passed the torch on to you.  You are now His hands and feet, his mouth to express love and compassion to others.

The world won’t know that Jesus loves them unless you love them on His behalf.  Be the eyes for the blind—help them see Jesus through your loving care.  Be the feet for the lame—lead them to Calvary to meet the Jesus who died for them.  Those who have incurable illness—let them feel the touch of Jesus through your compassionate touch.  Those who cannot hear—help them hear the good news about Jesus through your actions.  Those who are in sorrow—draw near to comfort and care for their needs.  So live that others opinion of you will always be positive—because you are My representative on earth.

God’s Question: Are you Jesus’ faithful representative?

God’s Promise: I will give you the proper words to share with others.

My Prayer to God:

I Praise You that we can actually serve You by serving others.

I am Sorry I have missed so many chances to serve You.

Thank You for the great blessing in serving You.

Please help me look for every opportunity to serve others


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