What Moves Jesus to Act?

21 Nov

God’s Word: Luke 7:1-17

God’s Message to me: (My interpretation of what God is saying in these verses)

If you are concerned enough for another—to pray earnestly about their condition—Jesus is moved. 18 Jesus healing That doesn’t necessarily that every request you bring to him will be answered in the way you desire.  If you will look back over your life to things you have earnestly requested in prayer—you will see that it was not in your best interests for the prayer to be answered—according to your request.  To move Jesus is to engage his intervention—not to dictate what action He will take.  He always—always, has your best interests in mind.

In today’s passage Jesus was touched when a Roman Caption asked him to help his servant that was on his deathbed.    Jesus was moved by this man’s concern and faith and healed the servant.  Another time Jesus was walking down the road and came across a funeral procession.  When he found out it was a widow’s only son His heart broke for her.  He reached out to her with comfort then touched the coffin and brought the son back to life.  She hadn’t even asked for help but her tears drew Jesus’ attention.

Jesus is touched in many ways by the things you are concerned with.  He is especially touched when you are concerned about the needs of those who have no connection to you.  It is only natural to turn to Jesus for the needs to those who are connected to you.  But He is doubly moved by your compassion for those unconnected others.  He is also moved when your heart breaks over your loved ones. How many times has He moved at your request—and gone unappreciated.  How blest He is when you acknowledge His great power and blessing on your behalf.   Both your concern and worship motivate Him to move.

God’s Question: Do you offer as much praise as you ask for help?

God’s Promise: Jesus is moved on behalf of your concerns.

My Prayer to God:

I Praise You that I can know You are always available to my concerns.

I am Sorry I spend too much time worrying and not enough praying.

Thank You for this reminder to always turn to you in prayer.

Please help me share your love and compassion with others.


What "take-away" did you receive from this blog post?

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