How to Judge an Apple Tree

20 Nov

God’s Word: Luke 6: 43-49

God’s Message to me: (My interpretation of what God is saying in these verses)

Healthy tree—great apples, diseased tree—rotten fruit. 18 diseased apples If you want good fruit you must care for the tree that produces it.  There are no shortcuts.  So too with your lives.  Garbage in—garbage out!  You must guard what goes into your body and your mind.   A healthy body requires proper nourishment and exercise.  A healthy mind requires that you guard carefully what you allow to enter.  If you will be careful to think on those things that are good, pure and holy, you will prevent the perverted and evil from making a home in your mind.

Prisons are full of those who did not take steps to guard their minds.   Any deviation from the good, pure and holy allows a chink in the armor of your mind.  One little misdeed can soon grow to consume the whole mind and crowd out the good, pure and holy.  “Just this one time” is never just one time.  Sin is ever-expanding and never satisfied.  It will trick you into “just this one time” and then it gets a hold on you and will not let go.

My Word is designed to give you a strong and secure foundation for your life.  It is not just something you “add” to your life to improve your standard of living.  No, they are foundational to success in living.  If you let a fruit tree go untended for years, insects and disease overtake it.  It is a long and hard process to restore it to health, if ever.  So too with a life.  Give children a foundation in My Word and you will reap a harvest of plenty.  Better to build boys than mend men.  Some diseases of the body and mind are fatal.  Better to prevent the diseases than to try and overcome.  My Word, as foundation for your life, will produce fruit that is a blessing to those near and far.

God’s Question: What is the foundation of your life?

God’s Promise: I specialize in remaking lives that turn to Me.

My Prayer to God:

I Praise You for the wonderful foundation found in Your Word.

I am Sorry I get so tangled in life than I ignore Your guidelines.

Thank You for Your voice that calls to me from Your Word.

Please help me listen to Your calling and let You lead me.


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