The Talk of the Town

7 Nov

God’s Word: Luke 4:14-37

God’s Message to me: (My interpretation of what God is saying in these verses)

How do you feel when you have just passed the test with flying colors?  10 Flying-Colours-Logo I’m sure it is about as good as you ever feel.  Jesus felt that way too after He overcame the testing of the Devil.  Success does breed success.  One victory and you are set for a whole string of them.  But Jesus experienced what everyone else does when he returned to His home town.  He went and announced that He had come to act on behalf of God.  They weren’t impressed!  They had known Jesus from childhood and weren’t accepting this “come from God” bit.  Angered because He spoke with authority, they tried to push Him off a cliff.  He escaped and went to another area that gladly accepted Him.

When you have something great to share you are eager to share it with those you know best.  But they don’t always accept your ideas.  They can’t imagine that little ole you could do something so outstanding.  Don’t feel too bad about it—Jesus endured the same thing.  It didn’t stop Jesus and it need not stop you.  What do you feel passionate about?  How can you use that passion to help humanity?  Even better—how can you use that passion and help humanity to see their need of Jesus as Savior?

Jesus was the “talk of the town” because He pursued His passion, at all costs.  If the town could talk about you—what would they say?  Would they share the good things you had done to help others?  Or would they tell how you ignored them and cared only about yourself? My challenge for you is to so live that you make Jesus the talk of the town.  Let His love and light shine through the words and deeds of your life to the extent that others recognize you as having been with Jesus.

God’s Question: Is your passion to proclaim Christ?

God’s Promise:  Proclaim Christ before others and I will proclaim you as My own.

My Prayer to God:

I Praise You for Jesus courage to stand strong.

I am Sorry I am too often weak about sharing Jesus.

Thank You for Your Word that encourages me on.

Please help me be your faithful witness.


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