Living Expectantly

18 Oct

God’s Word: Mark 15: 40-47

God’s Message to me: (My interpretation of what God is saying in these verses)

What is the lifestyle of the one who lives expectantly? always believe This is one who lives with a positive outlook—whatever comes, they know they will make it through.  They do not back away from difficulty but step out in faith, looking to see My hand at work in their situation.  And see it they will—because of their positive outlook.

In this passage a member of the Jewish Council was living expectantly.  He was always on the outlook for the hand of God.  Those who seek Me—will find Me—sometimes in unusual circumstances.  Joseph was the one who worked up his courage then asked Pilate if he could have Jesus body.  He had already purchased a shroud, so he wrapped Jesus body in that and laid him into a tomb that had already been cut out of a rock.  Then he rolled a huge stone across the opening.  That was a kind and respectful thing he did.

By living expectantly you become available by the urging of My Spirit to go into action.  When you see a need you step up to the plate instead of leaving the hard work to others. For it is in the stepping up that you engage your spirit with My Spirit and are empowered to do things you had no idea you could even do.  Joseph was willing to step outside the “safe” boundaries of his Jewish faith and explore these teachings of Jesus.  Perhaps you need to remove the blinders that have closed the doors to faith in your life—and give Me a chance to lead you to heights of understanding you didn’t even know existed.

God’s Question: What is holding you back from living expectantly?

God’s Promise: My greener pastures will blow your mind.

My Prayer to God:

I Praise You for Joseph’s example of reaching out to Jesus.

I am Sorry I let the world distract me from your better way.

Thank You for Your Spirit that speaks to me through Your Word.

Please help me listen expectantly to what you teach me.


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