Wasting or Investing?

7 Oct

God’s Word: Mark 14:1-11

God’s Message to me: (My interpretation of what God is saying in these verses)

One person’s waste is another person’s investment. anointing headIn this passage it is getting close to the time when Jesus will be killed.  He is eating dinner at a friend’s home.  A woman came up to Him with a very expensive bottle of perfume and poured it on His head.  This was an accepted practice at that time—a way of showing honor to another.  She was overcome with appreciation for Jesus and this is how she expressed it.

Some witnessing this became indignant, thinking that was a waste of money.  They thought it would be better to sell the perfume and give it to the poor.  Jesus replied that what she had done was something wonderfully significant—anointed His body for burial.  He reminded them that they would always have opportunity to do for the poor but this woman had done what she could when she could.

What about you?  Are you doing what you can—when you can?  You have opportunities to be My hands and feet today, remembering that as you do unto others—you are in actuality doing it unto Me.  Yes, you have the poor you can reach out to on My behalf but what about those within your realm of responsibility?  Are you serving them as unto Me?  Your service is elevated as you do it as unto Jesus—in appreciation of what He has done for you.  You are not merely cooking a meal but cooking a meal to serve Jesus.  Consider whether you are wasting your time doing the mundane or investing it in serving Jesus.  In Jesus sight there are no mundane tasks.

God’s Question: How can you elevate your works of service today?

God’s Promise: I accept your service to others as unto Me.

My Prayer to God:

I Praise You for showing us how to serve You through others.

I am Sorry I forget this too often and have the wrong attitude.

Thank You for reminding me to do all as unto You.

Please help me grasp every opportunity to invest in others.


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