Through the Hard Times

3 Oct

God’s Word: Mark 13:14-20

God’s Message to me: (My interpretation of what God is saying in these verses)

Because of mankind’s prone to sin—hard times are bound to come.hard times I gave you My Word—the Bible—to help you survive the hard times.  The best advice I gave was to run for it.  Get away from the evil that you find creeping into your heart and home.  You cannot compromise truth with evil because truth that is not pure truth—is evil.  Turn from evil but not with hatred for the one who does evil.  Remember, that as My disciple you are either a missionary or a mission field.  If you don’t stand up for My truths—evil will worm its way in.

I have not left you without hope. I will personally intervene on your behalf when you call upon me as one of My disciples. My disciples are those who observe the Words I have written and strive to apply those Words to their lives.  To ignore Me is to push me away and cut yourself off from my gifts of love, joy and peace.  I am always reaching out to all mankind with these gifts but only those who respond will ever be able to accept My gifts.

I am here for you.  Jesus died to purchase your ransom from the evil of the world.  You need not get sucked into the evil.  My Word will keep you from evil or evil will keep you from My Word.  The evil one works to convince you that My Word is too hard to understand or that it is irrelevant to your life.  When you bite into those lies you are unable to receive My love, joy, peace are the many other blessings I long to bestow upon your life.  Whosoever will may come to Me.  I choose you but you, of necessity must choose Me.  I have given you free choice.

God’s Question: Will you give My Word a chance to bless you?

God’s Promise: I am with those who choose Me and deliver them.

My Prayer to God:

I Praise You for Your Word with gives me love, joy, peace.

I am Sorry I let myself get drawn into the worlds philosophies.

Thank You for speaking personally to me through Your Word.

Please help me speak to others as Your ambassador.


What "take-away" did you receive from this blog post?

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