Protect the Children

16 Sep

God’s Word: Mark 10:13-16

God’s Message to me: (My interpretation of what God is saying in these verses)

“Don’t push the children away” were the irate words of Jesus. jesus-childThe innocent and trusting faith of children is exactly the kind of faith you must have to be a member of My forever family.  Praise from the lips of children is the most genuine of any.  Teach them My Word—protect them from evil—be a good example for them.  Parents have a limited time with their children and then they are grown and out of their influence.  What do you want your children to do as adults?  You set the example before them today.

Child abuse of the worst kind is killing the child before it is born.  I created the woman’s body to protect, nourish and caress the unborn infant for 40 weeks, when it is ready to live outside the womb.  Then I gift you with about 18 years to love, nurture and protect that child.  In My Word I set out the sexual boundaries for men and women.  So many have set aside my boundaries and consider sex outside of marriage as perfectly acceptable.  Abortion is just one of the atrocities that results.

At the moment of conception the child’s life is visible to Me.  It has nothing to do with your “planning to have a child.”   I know what is ahead for that child—I do not predestine it—I am just able to look into the future and see.  Do you realize how many thousands of important tasks are going to go undone because that child was killed in the womb?  A child aborted is an opportunity defeated.  To interrupt My plan for that pregnancy is to spit in My face.  I have entrusted husbands and wives with the lives of their children—protect them before and after birth.  You are my hands and feet to your children.

God’s Question: What are you doing to protect children today?

God’s Promise: To reject My Word is to reject Me!

Garden gate

My Prayer to God:

I Praise You for the blessing given me to parent children for You.

I am Sorry I didn’t take that honor more seriously.

Thank You that in spite of my parenting You blessed our family.

Please help me convey Your Word and message to future generations.


What "take-away" did you receive from this blog post?

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