Is Adultery Old-Fashioned?

13 Sep

God’s Word: Mark 10:1-12

God’s Message to me: (My interpretation of what God is saying in these verses)

The Bible is a universal guide to timeless truths for all generations.  adulteryThose who want to “play by their own rules” tag it as old-fashioned.  By so doing they feel they can ignore the rules for living a successful life found therein.  Rather than deepening and growing in husband & wife relationships, they cast them aside and find a new partner.  It is that same old principle of the greener grass.  There is no end to the search for the greener grass.

The Bible was given as a “Safety Net” of protection around your life that is timeless.  My rules do not change according to the whim of mankind.  They are free to ignore My rules but will have to live and die with the consequences.  I gave the Bible to protect mankind from the lure of Satan’s schemes.  To set aside the Bible is to walk right into Satan’s trap.  Those so entrapped then become an ambassador for Satan—without even realizing what is happening.

Look around you and see what has happened when mankind has ignored My Word.  Evil is rampant and what then happens is evil begins to accuse those who live by my rules as narrow and bigots.  They call what is good—evil.  They justify their perversions in the name of freedom calling what My Word says is evil—good and natural.  How has this happened?  Those of you who try to follow my universal and timeless truths have failed in your assignment as My ambassadors.  You saw the world going downhill and buried your head in the sand.  You failed to stand up for My Word for fear of personal rejection. Jesus died for My truths—can you not live to share them?

God’s Question: Will you stand up for My Word as Truth?

God’s Promise: Live by My Word and find lasting peace.

Garden gate

My Prayer to God:

I Praise You for the timeless truths found in Your Word.

I am Sorry I don’t stand up more for Your Truth.

Thank You for forgiveness and courage to testify for You.

Please help me speak boldly your Words of truth.


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