What God Notices

12 Sep

God’s Word: Mark 9:33-50

God’s Message to me: (My interpretation of what God is saying in these verses)

The only thing praiseworthy is showing kindness to those who cannot help themselves. Jo Jo in chairWhat are you doing to speak up for the voiceless—the weak, sick, unborn, young children, the crippled, those in prison, or the elderly. You do not need a big bank account to reach out to these.  You just need compassion and to give of your time.  As you reach out to these—it is Me you are embracing.  That is what draws My attention—when you selflessly give your time and compassion to the voiceless.

The masses all are competing to be king of the mountain.  When they plead with Me for power or acclaim, I cannot even hear their pleas.  It is not words that I notice but actions.  Put your faith in action if you want to get my attention.  As you embrace that destitute child you are embracing Me.  As you abuse or take advantage of the voiceless, you are abusing Me.  As you console and counsel that girl with an unwanted pregnancy you are my ambassador of good will. Your heart’s desires and motives are displayed through your hands, feet and voice of loving compassion.

 Can’t pay your rent because you bought a new car!  Don’t come whining to Me.  As I have counseled you in My Word—owe no man anything but love.  Your instant gratification is crowding out your compassion for others.  You have yourself so in debt to satisfy your selfish cravings that you are strapped and unable to reach out to those in need?  Overindulgence stifles My power to work through you.  Get out of debt so you can offer yourself into service of others.

God’s Question: What will you do today that will get My attention?

God’s Promise: As you do it unto the voiceless—you do it unto Me.

Garden gate

My Prayer to God:

I Praise You for the way You work through our words and deeds.

I am Sorry I don’t spend more time on behalf of others.

Thank You for showing me the path to greatness in Your sight.

Please help me willingly set myself aside and live for others.


What "take-away" did you receive from this blog post?

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