Help With Doubts

11 Sep

God’s Word: Mark 9:14-32

God’s Message to me: (My interpretation of what God is saying in these verses)

You need never doubt My love or My presence in your times of trial.doubting Therefore—do not worry, do not fret, I am with you and I am on your side.  Doubt is a trick of Satan to take away your peace and trust in Me.  When you doubt you feel like you are on sinking sand.  When you trust Me your feet of faith are on solid ground.  Come what may—you can trust in Me.  Some think that only those that live a charmed life are in my favor.  If a person has trials and illness and sorrow then it means God has deserted them.  Not so!  That is never so!  I will never leave nor forsake the one who has come to Me in faith and trusts in Me.

I am not, however, your spiritual genie!  When things are good you leave me on the shelf to collect dust, but when the hard times come you take me down and expect me to perform miracles for your benefit.  I draw near those who draw near to me on a regular basis—not just in times of trial.  Drawing near to Me does not meal drawing near to ask for favors.  That is like walking down the street and knocking on any old door and asking for a steak dinner.  No, but the child of that house may walk right in without knocking.

There is plenty of room at my table of blessing for everyone.  My blessings are given in direct proportion to the way you pass out your blessings.  How do you share your possessions, time, resources and talents with the world?  Do your doubts in My provision cause you to hold tight, in case hard times come?  Or are you trusting Me to care for you as you care for others? To doubt Me is to cut yourself off from My blessings.  The antidote to doubt is opening My Word, the Bible, and interacting with My Spirit as I share with you comfort and insights.

God’s Question: What do you choose—trusting or doubting?

God’s Promise: Draw near to Me and I will draw near to you.

My Prayer to God:

I Praise You for Your amazing way of teaching us in Your Word.

I am Sorry I don’t spend more time blessing others.

Thank You for reminding me there is no need to doubt.

Please help me trust You and share myself freely with others.


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