Who is in the Driver’s Seat?

9 Sep

God’s Word: Mark 8:27-38

God’s Message to me: (My interpretation of what God is saying in these verses)

Who is calling the shots in your life?  Drivers seatThat is entirely under your control. The one in charge of your life was placed there by you.  Don’t go pointing fingers of blame at anyone or anything else.  You are what and who you are because of the choices you have made.  Yes, you chose your lot in life.  Perhaps you made a big mistake some time ago that altered the path of your life.  Own the mistake and make the best of it.  Don’t let what was wrong in your past dictate who is in the driver’s seat today.  You are the only you the world gets—and if you don’t step up to your plate—everyone loses. 

In Jesus life there were no mistakes made.  He lived His life on purpose—remaining in the driver’s seat at all times—with you directly on His mind.  He came to demonstrate My love to mankind and to show the depths of that love—all the way to the cross on Calvary.  He knew you would make mistakes in your life, perhaps very big mistakes, and He willingly paid the price of your mistakes—His life so you could be forgiven.  Because of His death on the cross some will say that was a tragedy.  It was a tragedy for Him but he did it for you.  You are everything to Him.  He would do it all over again for you. He paid the price for your redemption. 

So—who is in the driver’s seat of your life? Circumstances, other people, self-pleasure, or have you invited Jesus to lead your life?  Before you were conceived He had tasks laid out for you to do. (Aborted babies will never fulfill the tasks I planned for them.) Let Jesus be in the driver’s seat of your life and you will discover a joy and peace you didn’t know was possible—by following His example.

God’s Question: Will you let Jesus be in the driver’s seat?

God’s Promise: You will find joy unspeakable with Jesus.

knee mail

My Prayer to God:

I Praise You for the joy of living for Jesus—not myself.

I am Sorry I too often put self back on the throne of my life.

Thank You for Your Word that reminds me of Jesus love.

Please help me be a Jesus follower and lead others to Him. 


What "take-away" did you receive from this blog post?

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