How Many Times?

6 Sep

God’s Word: Mark 8:13-26

God’s Message to me: (My interpretation of what God is saying in these verses)

How many times must you learn the same lesson?  worryWhy oh why do you worry?  What you will eat—what you will wear—how you will pay the bills—there never seems to be enough!  So what do you do?  You worry and fret about it.  And how does that help?  It doesn’t, it makes matter worse—it destroys your mental and physical health.  Instead, when tempted to worry and fret—simply trust.  Now if your lack of funds is because of your own foolish spending, then shame on you.  Don’t call on Me to bail you out!

Many people only call on Me in their troubles.  When things are going well, and they are having a great time, they pay no attention to Me.  My Word is the last thing on their mind.  And following My Word is no concern of theirs whatsoever.  When there is money in the hand—thoughts of God are out of the head. That, my friends, is disaster waiting to happen.  And happen it will because money is fickle—here today and gone tomorrow.

It is not only children who must be told things over and over.  The reason they “don’t get it” is because they want to ignore it.  They want to go ahead playing the game according to their own rules, for their own benefit.  It may work for a while but rules have a tendency to show up when you least expect it.  You were having so much fun spending money on fun things that just when the rent came due you realize you are “out” of money.  Then the worry and fret sets in.  This happens over and over for both foolish children (whom we expect it of) and foolish adults (who know better.) Set foolishness aside and let My Word guide you into wise living and the world will be a better place for all.

God’s Question: Will you read My Word to prevent foolish choices?

God’s Promise: A cause to worry is a call to prayer.

knee mail

My Prayer to God:

I Praise You for Your Word that gives such grace and peace.

I am Sorry I continue to make foolish choices and suffer.

Thank You for continually calling Me back to Your Word.

Please help me follow Your guidance and help others find You too.


What "take-away" did you receive from this blog post?

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