Extend Your Life

22 Aug

God’s Word: Mark 5:35-43

God’s Message to me: (My interpretation of what God is saying in these verses)

One of the greatest desires of humanity is to extend their lives. wilted flowers All of creation–insects, plants, the seasons, animals, and humanity– participate in the “life-cycle.”  This participation is mandatory for the well-being on the planet earth.  Life and death come and go in their season.  It would be disastrous were I to answer all the prayers to extend life—to extend time.

The best solution is to understand and come to terms with death.  It will come and it is foolish to pretend it won’t happen to you.  The very best you can do for your mental and physical well-being is to prepare for that which you cannot control—your death.  I gave you the Bible which is your manual for living and dying.  Have you read the manual? Please don’t discount it when you haven’t even read it.

My manual for living and dying will give you complete comfort.  I offer you the gift of eternal life.  Since you cannot live forever in the physical realm, I invite you into My spiritual reality called heaven.  My manual gives you the simple step by step instruction for stepping into My spiritual kingdom.  It begins here on earth as you read and heed My Word and receive my joy unspeakable.  At death you will exchange your physical life for a forever spiritual life.  There will be no more weeping, death, separation, pain or agony.  You will dwell in My presence of eternal light.  I will greet your personally as you arrive.  Yes, you can extend your life into eternity—so much better than life on earth that there is no comparison.

God’s Question: Will you read My manual for living eternally?

God’s Promise: As you read My Spirit will help you comprehend.

knee mail

My Prayer to God:

I Praise You for the wonderful promise of life eternal.

I am Sorry I don’t share this good news more with others.

Thank You for Your wonderful manual for living.

Please help me be Your faithful ambassador of good news.


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