Jesus Loves Fishermen

25 Jul

God’s Word: Mark 1:12-20

God’s Message to me: (My interpretation of what God is saying in these verses)

Mark begins his book by introducing you to John the baptizer. fisherman He was also My man—he got it too.  So bold was he in proclaiming My Word that he ended up missing his head.  But before that he spent his time sharing the Good News of the Messiah and baptizing people who wished for a life-change.  Jesus Himself came to John to be baptized.  To confirm Jesus’ identity, following His baptism I opened the sky and My spirit, like a dove, came down on Him.  My voice spoke “You are My Son, chosen and marked by My love, pride of My life.”

Jesus lived a life on earth, faced with the same temptations you face.  But He refused to cave and used each temptation  as a stepping stone to reach a higher plane.  He lived to set an example for you.  You do not need to cave to temptations.  As He went about teaching He selected some men to invest His time in, mentor and commission to carry on His message of salvation.  He chose several fishermen.  He saw qualities in them that He knew would benefit His kingdom.

When your life’s purpose stares you in the face you drop everything.  That is what these fishermen did.  When Jesus called to them they asked no questions, they simply dropped their nets and followed Him.  That is living on purpose—ask no questions—just follow your passion.  These men could have lived and died as fishermen but because they gave it up for a higher calling their teachings live on today, calling mankind to My Son, Jesus Christ.  Note–Jesus did not call all fishermen—someone needs to hold the ropes.  I call some to be My spokesmen but all to be My ambassadors.

God’s Question:  What is your life’s passion and purpose?

God’s Promise: When you cast your net for Me, I hold the ropes?

knee mail

My Prayer to God:

I Praise You for being my ropeholder.

I am Sorry I too often forget to cast the net.

Thank You for Your Word that draws Me nearer to You.

Please help me live what I believe!


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