Wearing Peter’s Shoes

4 Jul

God’s Word: Matthew 26:69-75

God’s Message to me: (My interpretation of what God is saying in these verses)

Be careful of making rash statements in emotional situations. ???????????????????????????????????????In this passage Peter, after saying that even if he had to die with Jesus he would never deny Him—denied Jesus three times.  But that statement was made in the presence of Jesus and the other disciples—when they were feeling like they were all in this together.  But once Jesus was captured and taken away—Peter’s good intentions melted away.  He watched helpless from the sidelines as Jesus was spit upon, jeered at, banged around and slapped.

This one who said he would die with Jesus found himself being accused of being Jesus’ follower and he flatly denied knowing Him. Three times that night Peter, accused of being with Jesus denied it three times saying “I don’t know the man.”  Good intentions, on behalf of another, lose their power when the pressure comes to save your own neck.  The end result is deep grief and weeping.

There are many ways to deny Jesus.  Just as Peter had every good intention you too have probably found yourself in Peter’s shoes.  You may read the Bible and discover something that you say you are going to put into practice in your life. It is amazing at how quickly you forgot what you had resolved.  Or perhaps you see a need in your community that you know you could meet—but you keep putting off stepping up.  Or you know that Jesus takes your treatment of all others personally but that is forgotten in the heat of the moment.  Yes, with Peter’s shoes, one size fits all.  Step out of those shoes and reach out to others.

God’s Question: What legacy are you leaving for those following in your steps?

God’s Promise: Forgiveness is My specialty.

 knee mail

My Prayer to God

I praise You for Your love and forgiveness.

I am sorry I too often am wearing Peter’s shoes.

Thank You for Your Word that helps me get back on track.

Help me fulfill my commitments to bless others.


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