The Art of Marriage

23 May

God’s Word: Matthew 19:1-12

God’s Message to me: (My interpretation of what God is saying in these verses)

Man and woman were designed for each other from the beginning. marriage I designed marriage to unite the two into one flesh.  This is an organic union of the two sexes and the culmination of this union is children.  Divorce cuts apart this union and desecrates the art of marriage.  Whenever there is a cutting there is pain and many scars will be left on all connected to this union—especially the man, woman and the children.

The art of marriage takes maturity and a willingness to give of oneself on behalf of another.  Christ set the example of self-sacrifice when He demonstrated My love for humanity through his death on the cross.  Marriage requires the same sort of sacrifice on behalf of your spouse and your children.  You find that your needs are met as you reach out to meet the needs of others.  I call it an art because it takes effort to create a beautiful marriage to stand the test of time.

Self-sacrifice does not always feel good or look good but the results are worth it.  Jesus death did not feel nor look good.  But he willingly went through that for your sakes.  Once you willingly submit to marriage you submit to living within My boundaries for that union.  I have given plenty of guidelines for happiness within My Word.  Follow My guidelines to bring out the beauty in the union.  There is no beauty or peace in divorce so I challenge you to bring out the art in marriage.

God’s Question: Do you need a fresh look at the marriage manual?

God’s Promise: There is deep satisfaction in self-sacrifice for another.

 knee mail

My Prayer to God

I praise You for the patient spouse to led me to.

I am sorry I am too often impatient.

Thank You for Your Word that guides and leads me.

Help me submit to Your Word and be an example to others.


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