Forgiveness–A Two-sided Coin

22 May

God’s Word: Matthew 18:21-35

God’s Message to me: (My interpretation of what God is saying in these verses)

Doesn’t it feel amazing to be forgiven of a debt owed?  coin-in-handIn this passage you find the story of a man who owed a very large debt.  When called to pay up or be sold as a slave he threw himself at the master’s feet and begged for more time to pay the debt.  The master, touched by his plea, didn’t give him more time to pay the debt—instead he forgave him–erased the debt.  Can you imagine the joy of this forgiven man?  This shows the first side of the forgiveness coin—receiving forgiveness.

This man went away rejoicing but then saw a man who owed him a small sum of money.  He seized him by the throat and said “Pay up now!”  The man begged for mercy but the forgiven man would not listen.  He had him arrested and put in jail until the debt was paid.  This is the second side of the forgiveness coin—giving forgiveness.  When the rejoicing man’s master heard of this he put the screws on him and made him pay back every cent he owed.

I cannot forgive you unless you forgive others.  How many times do you want Me to forgive you–unconditionally?  I forgive you in direct proportion to how many times you forgive others–unconditionally.  Is there a limit to My forgiveness?  You set the limit by your willingness to forgive others.  The coin of forgiveness never stays in one’s possession but is constantly given away.  To hoard My forgiveness is to lose it forever.

God’s Question: Do you have any forgiveness coins to give out today?

God’s Promise: The key to receiving my forgiveness is to give it to others—freely.

 knee mail

My Prayer to God

I praise You for this simple but amazing forgiveness principle.

I am sorry for my failures at forgiving.

Thank You for reminding me of how important forgiveness is.

Help me to pass the coin of forgiveness freely.


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