Inflexible Love & Compassion

16 Apr

God’s Word: Matthew 12:1-14

God’s Message to me: (My interpretation of what God is saying in these verses)

Inflexible ritual overrides common sense. Shine In this passage we find a group of people who were inflexible in their ritual to the point of harm. Because Jesus and His disciples, on a Sabbath, picked a few heads of grain because they were hungry, these people accused them of “breaking the Sabbath by working.”   You see overzealous people, whatever side of the fence they are sitting, can always find fault with others.

These accusing people were the very ones Jesus was going to die for.  He didn’t exclude any group of people from His love and forgiveness.  His invitation was to “whosoever will may come.” The word “come” is key here.  Jesus didn’t die for blanket forgiveness of all humanity—but for those with flexible hearts who would come unto Him in belief and follow his example of charity to all.

Therefore, let Me encourage you to not lose heart when life gets tough for My followers.  The brighter your light shines, the more obvious the sins of others are.  Rather than be drawn to the light they will try to quench your light.  They will accuse you of hate because you do not condone their sin. Keep shining with a smile on your face whatever may come.  That was Jesus’ example.  He did not let the masses determine His behavior and teaching.  He shared My message with inflexible love and compassion—and suffered the consequences.

God’s Question: Will you stand up for the truths of My Word and be inflexible in your love and compassion toward the masses?

God’s Promise: When the world is inflexibly against you, I will stand with you and give you strength to carry on.

 My Prayer to God

I praise You for Your inflexible love and compassion.

I am sorry I way too often do not emulate Your example.

Thank You for this reminder to stand up for Your Truth.

Help me to keep Your light shining with a smile for all.


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