Pursue Life!

2 Apr

God’s WordMatthew 8: 18—27

God’s Message to me: (My interpretation of what God is saying in these verses)

Jesus did not come to earthSudan kids 1 to bestow health and wealth on mankind.  His purpose went much deeper—to the soul of humanity—the seat of all desires and motives.  Many people seem to think that physical health and material wealth are indicative of My blessing—not so.  My blessing is evidenced from the inside out—by the love, forgiveness and patience you show to others.

Pursue life eternal and the material loses its appeal.  You will learn that the real things of importance in this life aren’t things at all—but relationships with people.  Nurture relationships—not just to draw attention to yourself but to draw people to the source of life that Jesus came to earth to demonstrate.  You are My ambassador—my hands and feet—to deliver the message of life everlasting through Christ.

To the world around you, you are the Jesus they cannot see.  Your touch is His touch—your love and concern—His love and concern—your giving of yourself on behalf of another is following in His footsteps.  Whatever storms of life you may encounter—hold tight to Jesus and He will see you through.  Pursue your destination and the journey will take care of itself.  I will see to that!

God’s Question: What does your checkbook say you are pursuing?

God’s Promise: I will go with you through the storms of life when your eye is on the destination of eternal life at My side with all those you have touched for Me.

My Prayer to God

I praise You for opening my eyes to the real things of life—those things of eternal value—caring for the needs of others.

I am sorry I get so caught up in my own needs that I forget

about being your ambassador to the needs of others.

Thank You for never giving up on me.

Help me to pursue the things in life that really matter—for eternity!


What "take-away" did you receive from this blog post?

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