# 28 It’s Not Funny

9 Oct

God’s Word:  Proverbs 24:17,18,

God’s Message to Me:

Use wisdom when choosing what to laugh at.  The Golden Rule applies to laughing also.  (Treat others as you wish to be treated.)  Even your enemy is included in “others.”  Don’t laugh when your enemy falls; don’t crow over his collapse!

For starters—your goal in life should be to create friends, not enemies.  If you have enemies you wish the worst for, then you aren’t looking at humanity through my lens of love.  Examine why you have enemies and do all in your power to turn them into friends.  Do you need to apologize and ask for forgiveness?

Remember—My forgiveness of your faults is dependent upon your forgiveness of others.   Enemies are generated by a lack of forgiveness or one or both sides.  To fail to forgive is to block My forgiveness.  You hurt yourself most when you fail to forgive.  And that is no laughing matter.

God’s Question to Me:  Do you realize that how you treat an enemy is an open invitation for Me to treat you that same way?

God’s Promise to Me:   Forgive and you will be forgiven!

My Song to God:  For God so Loved the World    by Eldon Burkwall

He came unto His own—His own received Him not,

But all who will believe—the power will receive

To be the sons of God—by trusting in His name;

I’m so glad that Jesus came!


For God so loved the world—He gave His only son,

To die on Cal-vry’s tree–from sin to set me free;

Some day He’s coming back—what glory that will be:

Wonderful His love to me!


If God so loved the world—then we should love it too,

And strive to live for Him—lost sinners seek to win,

So they’ll be ready when—He comes to earth again:

Joyful will that meeting be.


What "take-away" did you receive from this blog post?

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