# 21 How to Win

28 Sep

God’s Word:  Proverbs 24: 5,6,

God’s Message to Me:

If you want to win, learn to balance your life!  Your physical, emotional, spiritual, social and intellectual self all need in on the balancing act.  If any are over-used, or under-used—the whole suffers.  It takes wisdom to balance your life.  And how do you get the wisdom you desire?  Ask Me and I am happy to gift you with wisdom.  (Do any of you need wisdom? Ask God for it. He is generous and enjoys giving to everyone. James 1:5)

Above all other desires for your life—desire wisdom!   To the one who asks Me for wisdom in making choices I will lead you to invest in some strategic planning.  To win in any area of life you need to make some plans and stick with them.  Wisdom’s goal isn’t to make your life easier but it will certainly give you the results you desire.  Anything worthwhile is worth working to achieve.

In seeking wisdom—don’t ignore the counsel of others!  Look at those who have been successful in the area you are seeking to improve—and ask their advice.  And don’t forget to ask Me for counsel.  I speak personally to you as you read My Word and seek My wisdom.  To overlook My Word is to trash the best counsel you could get.  I know you personally, am on your side and will help you win in your life’s challenges.

God’s Question to Me:  Have you taken stock of your life lately and made some strategic plans for betterment?  How long has it been since you asked Me to share My wisdom with you?

God’s Promise to Me:   I am generous with wisdom and enjoy sharing it with those who ask.

My Song to God:



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