The Singing Heart

25 Jun


God’s Word:  Proverbs 15:12-33


God’s Message to Me:


You have complete control over the melody that flows from your heart?  Your outward circumstances need not control the melody.  If you can’t be happy in your present circumstances, nothing will change if your circumstances change.  Happiness does not depend upon circumstances or finances.


A smiling face is the light in the window that says the heart is at home.   And the heart that is at home wherever circumstances of life take you is the happy heart that nothing can take away or add to.  But the miserable heart makes for a miserable life.  The choice is yours even though you feel something has taken a bite out of your happiness.  And you are not alone in this endeavor.  I am with you when you draw near to Me.  I will give you the strength and grace to be content in whatever circumstances of life that you must endure.


Little is much when the heart chooses to sing a happy tune.  Try it next time you are feeling down and discouraged.  Look for the good in every circumstance you find yourself.  Expect the best for your every tomorrow.  With a song in your heart you will find that My presence will be all you need for complete contentment—whenever and wherever.


God’s Question to Me:  Will you choose to sing and smile and pray the clouds of gloom away from your life?


God’s Promise to Me:  I will stand with those who have no standing and give you plenty of reasons to have a song in your heart.

My Song to God:  Sing and Smile and Pray   by The Brocks, 1934

Sing the clouds away, night will turn to day;
If you sing and sing and sing, You’ll sing the clouds away.

Smile the clouds away, night will turn to day;
If you smile and smile and smile, You’ll smile the clouds away.

Pray the clouds away, Pray and pray and pray;
Night will turn to day, No matter what they say.

Sing and smile and pray, that’s the only way!
If you sing and smile and pray, You’ll drive the clouds away.


What "take-away" did you receive from this blog post?

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