A Pansy or an Orchid

21 Mar

God’s Word:   Matthew 6:27—29  Jesus said, “Has anyone by fussing in front of the mirror ever gotten taller by so much as an inch?  All this time and money wasted on fashion—do you think it makes that much difference?  Instead of looking at the fashions, walk out into the fields and look at the wildflowers.  They never primp or shop, but have you ever seen such color and design quite like it? The ten best-dressed men and women in the country look shabby alongside them.”

Jesus’ Message to Me: (My interpretation of what Jesus is saying to me through these verses)

Do yourself a huge favor and accept yourself just as you are!  Suppose the flowers began comparing themselves to others.  The tiny pansy might want to be as prized as the orchid.  “Few brides” he complains, “ever choose pansies for their bridal bouquet.”  The orchid may reply “But when they pick me to wear—they take away my life and future blooms.”  No, the flowers just accept who they are and keep on blooming to brighten your world.  Consider the lot in life in which I have planted you.  I need you to bloom right where you are planted.

Your life of fretting, about things you cannot change, show that you reject your Creator’s wisdom.  If I made you a daisy or a dahlia be content with your lot. What is there to gain by fretting?  Nothing—absolutely nothing!  Oh, I realize that today’s modern medicine has gone crazy and use their talents to make people look younger or prettier.  But the real issue isn’t changed one bit.  Fretting!  There will always be another surgery to change another flaw.  Instead, those medical abilities should be used to care for those truly in need, as I intended.

And then we come to the issue of your clothing.  My heart bleeds at your desire for more and more and fancier and more glamorous clothing.  Can’t you see the underlying cause of all this care about what you wear?  When I call My people to be in the world but not OF the world I am calling you away from this endless striving to enhance your appearance.  Look at all the beautiful flowers and stand in awe of the creator.  Each is unique and attractive just as they are.  Some are simple and some are extravagant.  But they do not worry about their appearance—they just lift their heads in praise. You may be a pansy in the eyes of the world but to God you are the most beautiful of orchids.  Proudly lift your head in praise of your creator!

Jesus’ Question for Me: Are you spending more time and money enhancing your body than caring for others basic needs?

Jesus’ Promise to Me:  I love you—just as you are.  Please spend your time passing that message on to your world.  Spread My love instead of displaying your self-love.

My POM to Jesus:  Oh Flower Within, What Kind Shall I be?  By Rhonda J Norris

Oh flower within, what kind shall I be
In this Garden of Life for others to see
So lovely, so rare, with holiest charm
Delighting my Master, Who keeps me from harm. 

Perchance a sunflower, towering high
Following the sun as it crosses the sky.
Unfurling each petal with delightful display
Enchanting my Master as I blossom each day.

Or maybe a daisy with confidence sure
As it beams in the sun like love that is pure.
Could I be a groundcover with humble display
Hardly noticed by man though shading each day.

Perhaps a moonflower that opens at night.
Determined to blossom in the starry twilight.
From dusk until dawn my flowering bloom
Spills fragrance so sweet, overlooking my doom.

Or even an aloe with succulent charm
Nurturing those in desperate harm
With healing relief as a sweet precious balm
Brining aid to the injured and offering calm.

Could I be like the poppy midst dainty designs
With strength to endure a land filled with mines
In spite of this war my vivid display
Refuses collapse in the heat of the day.

Shall I be like the flax fulfilling its part
Unwrapping the soul of a sorrowful heart
With colorful love and costly good deeds
Unmerited mercy as I sow Godly seeds.

Perhaps like the bloom of the sweet morning glory
Pursuing the Son as I live with great joy
Committed to the One who sustains every breath
Determined to blossom ’til the moment of death.

Yet today I may be like a true bleeding heart
With drooping display as I’m broken apart
But you gather me up in your tender sweet arms
And love me securely and keep me from harm.

Oh flower within, what kind shall I be
In this Garden of Life for others to see
A virtuous flower with purpose divine
A flower with fragrance and flourshing fine.


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